Christians Really Can Meditate After All

by Daniel J Schwarzhoff

Artwork by Kristen Schwarzhoff / See

Have you ever felt like there must be a better way to connect with God than just reciting beautiful words, running holy narratives through your mind, or muttering profundities under your breath?

Many Christians have felt this way, which is why so many of them have turned to meditation. Soon, it becomes clear that many of those paths deviate significantly from Christian beliefs, embracing New Age and other philosophies.

Some people are comfortable with mindsets that embrace non-duality, Eastern traditions, and alternative approaches to meditation. They seem to like them. I would never try to convince them otherwise.

Compatible with Christian Denominations

But what if you are a Christian who would like to meditate without compromising your faith? That's where Non-Contemplative Meditation comes in.

This distinctive technique offers a safe and compatible way for Christians to practice meditation supporting their religious teachings.

Non-Contemplative Meditation accesses a certain kind of mindfulness that connects with the mind of the Father rather than following some guru, self-help personality, or God forbid, a religious cult leader.

If you like going to church, reading your Bible, or saying your prayers, this practice is not designed to replace any of those. It is a way to supplement your existing Christian practices and deepen your connection with God.

There isn't any church. No Sunday services. And no donations to make. I am not a minister, life coach, or guru. There aren't any spiritual retreats to attend. This is a simple spiritual exercise that you practice by yourself.

There also is no need for mental focus or exhaustive concentration. In short, Non-Contemplative Meditation enables you to access a state of conscious awareness where hate and judgment dissolve, making room for love and God's will to flow through.

And in dedicating just a few minutes each day to relinquishing thoughts and actions to the will and care of your Creator, that is exactly what happens.

Through this form of meditation, you discover a heightened awareness that allows one to forgive completely, automatically aligning with God's love and will while projecting those qualities...on earth as in heaven.

Non-Contemplative Meditation opens a channel to the highest state of consciousness mankind can ever experience, allowing Christians to access the Kingdom within just as Jesus did and proposes for all.

Nothing New

It's been six decades since I first discovered this method (1963). For the past two decades, I've had the privilege of teaching and helping thousands of individuals worldwide through this transformative practice.

Having dedicated a lifetime to practicing and teaching Non-Contemplative Meditation, my mission these last several years has been to develop and share a meticulously designed mobile app to introduce conscious awareness through meditation to a broad audience.

Designed specifically for the Christian community, The See App embodies a harmonious fusion of divine inspiration and cutting-edge technology, delivering the simplest and most effective meditation exercise ever.

Years of refining my childhood discoveries have led to combining spirituality with the innovative See App algorithm developed by my son Danny Jr. It leads the user to discover God-Consciousness within, strengthening the human-spiritual bond with Him.

This is a means for Christians to deepen their faith while in their hearts remaining true to the life and teachings of the Son of God.

That means love, forgiveness, perfect peace, and, of course, eternal life. There is no need for Christians to struggle with the meditation dilemma. Not anymore.