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Don't Struggle
with Stress.
Thrive in It.

Become focused, productive, and calm under pressure by building resilience to stress with just 10 minutes a day.

"I could never meditate before. This is working."

Mairi Anna

Stress is an inevitable part of our world.

It can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, causing anxiety, low energy, sleep loss, and even a short temper.

How you respond to stress determines your quality of life and overall well-being.

Of course, you’ve heard all about the benefits of meditation, but you’re uncertain. You think of that form of “stress relief” as temporary, or it’s just a little too woo-woo.

Maybe you’re concerned that meditation conflicts with your faith and belief in God, or you’ve tried to meditate before, but you don’t have the time or patience.

We get it.

Introducing the See App

It’s the new meditation app that combines our exclusive Non-Contemplative Meditation technique with proprietary technology to help you build resilience to stress.

Instead of struggling with life’s pressures, our secret recipe allows you to grow from them . . . through God-consciousness.

There is simply no other meditation app like it.

Everything you need on one screen.

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Real Results from Real People

I will tell you, that since I've started this meditation, I 'forget' to smoke. Does that make sense? I could never thank you enough.

London, Ohio

I'm astounded by the results. I have felt more awake, aware, and conscious than I have ever been. Great app. A game-changer.

Bremen, Germany

It's so good! I lost 80 lbs. I no longer overeat and choose healthier food too. This app is so easy to use. It's changed my life. I'm no longer miserable, depressed. I'm so grateful for this stillness meditation.

Menominee, Michigan

Each See App session is exquisitely guided by Dan Schwarzhoff, the architect of Non-Contemplative Meditation, with over 40 years of experience practicing and teaching this method worldwide.

Even if you thought that you could never benefit from meditation . . . now you will.

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Develop resilience to stress that reduces anxiety

You’ll join the thousands of others who report feeling less anxious, more productive, and creative—while thriving through the normal stress of daily life practicing simple conscious awareness.

Using this unique spiritual exercise, people report improved sleep, better relationships, and even a newfound capacity to kick stubborn bad habits.

Your faith is respected

Non-Contemplative Meditation rouses an awakened state of God-consciousness, establishing connectivity with your Creator without narratives that conflict with Judeo-Christian faiths.

Welcome to a hypnosis-free zone

No sound effects, spacey music, or syrupy-voiced 'guides' and instructors to mesmerize you.

No need for visualization, mantras, or affirmations. Instead, you wake up and become conscious – not tranced out.

Just minutes each day

The most convenient and easy-to-use meditation app around. One tap, and you’re meditating, easily fitting into your busy routine with as little as 10 minutes a day.

Simply select a session length, tap, and begin.

See is not a breathing app. It is not a story telling app or a catalogue of mystical New Age narratives.

It is a powerful, God-centric spiritual tool.

Look, the world is a crazy place. Overreacting to stress damages health and your relationships with others.

That keeps you up at night, worried and anxious. But life is meant to be invigorating and restorative, not exhausting.

Don't settle for temporary stress relief. Become resilient. Thrive under pressure. Connect with your Creator, so you can allow Him to help you reach your full potential.

Try it free for 7 days.

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Learn more about Non-Contemplative Meditation and the See App

Break Any Bad Habit, Vice or Addiction Quickly and Simply

Break Any Bad Habit, Vice or Addiction Quickly and Simply

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Don’t Escape. Illuminate.

Don’t Escape. Illuminate.

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