A few kind words

We're honored to share just a few of the many unsolicited testimonials from users of Non-Contemplative Meditation and the See App.

I will tell you, that since I've started this meditation, I 'forget' to smoke. Does that make sense? I could never thank you enough.

London, Ohio

I'm astounded by the results. I have felt more awake, aware, and conscious than I have ever been. Great app. A game-changer.

Bremen, Germany

It's so good! I lost 80 lbs. I no longer overeat and choose healthier food too. This app is so easy to use. It's changed my life. I'm no longer miserable, depressed. I'm so grateful for this stillness meditation.

Menominee, Michigan

I’ve been meditating daily. The cravings are changing. Not as strong. I want sugar now but it’s not a need. I’m noticing other benefits as well. It’s pretty powerful. I am sure it will be a vital part of my life soon.

Ella Rose
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

I've been listening to the exercise 5-7 times a week (almost daily and steadfast) since late September. It's changed everything albeit nothing has changed. What has changed is how I perceive everything.

Chonburi, Thailand

Sidetracked so very much for years with new age stuff, listening to people, and getting more depressed. I prayed for miracles. It came when I met Dan speaking locally here in Rockland county. Then I learned of his meditation. This meditation has changed my life. It works & it is a Godsend. Thank you! I am FREE & Recovered!

Jeanne Marie
Rockland, New York

Unbelievable! I have peace instead of all that worry. I’m liking the different meditations in the app. Amazing things are turning around finally! So thank you!

Leicester, England

Thanks to this meditation I have just experienced a second appetite reduction - the first one was in regard to sugar-based foods - this second one with good healthy food, just a little bit too much of it. The benefits, too numerous and some of them too private to mention, just keep on coming.

New South Wales, Australia

I am beginning to meditate and it has changed my life already! Gotta keep in fit spiritual condition and in conscious contact or I soon revert back to resentment, fear, dishonesty, and selfishness.

Ledbury, England

I could never meditate before. This is working. To the point my partner can tell when I don't lol. My boss, colleagues, friends have noticed a difference too. Whoop. Loving meditation.

Mairi Anna
Edinburg, Scotland

The effect was immediate. Your meditation has worked brilliantly . . . Just what was needed to snap out of a wave of self-pity, regret, and resentment I walked around with for years.

North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Been practicing it for a decade now. It's been a journey of real growth in God's grace. It literally saved my life. I absolutely love the app. It never gets monotonous.


Practicing this meditation has helped me step out of the center of life and experience increased love, light, and forgiveness both at home and out there. A big thank you from my girls and the people around me.


I would suggest this meditation every time, and if you do try it, you'll be very glad that you did. I asked God to remove anger, and after a spiritual catharsis is the only way to describe it, I was free. Amazing. It's life changing. Thank you for everything you do.

Suffolk, England

What is proposed here is an absolute blessing to experience and behold. To exist in a God-conscious awakened state is when the pain and confusion end for sure.

Liverpool, England

Oh my God! The aha moments keep coming. I am amazed absolutely stunned beyond belief!!! Now I use my thoughts rather than my thoughts using me.

Huntington Woods, Michigan

Amazing!! I am a clinical psychologist. My life changed drastically when I really committed to the meditation. No more endless chatter in my head. It is nice to have demonstrations of God's power in my life.

Antigua, Guatemala