Don’t Escape. Illuminate.

by Daniel J Schwarzhoff

Artwork by Kristen Schwarzhoff / See

Forget seeking silence or quiet—that's a coward’s game. Hiding in the dark shadows of the mind is not a solution to any problem or situation. Escaping the stresses of everyday living never results in a peaceful life, only a seductive trip into a mental void that may feel good but is only an artificial 'serenity.'

Instead, be brave. Step back to become still and watchful. Observe mental noise without flinching. And in that stillness, see head chatter for what it is: A torrent of blathering babble that doesn't define you, and lies to you all day long.

I know you think that voice in your head is your own. It does a great job mimicking you too, your mother, your boss, It even may claim to be God! It isn't.

It is the idiotic mutterings of lowly Something that fears stillness, that fears insight that fears truth, and God. It seeks to blur your awareness, to distract you from living in the present. Then It can manipulate you to Its own ends, as It already has for most of your life.

Don’t be insulted. It is the reason for every single personal problem you have ever had, from bad habits to relationship issues, from food and drug abuse to anxiety and depression.

Beware the seductive trap of contemplating ideas and concepts. It rouses a lying inner intellect, whispering promises of mindfulness and non-judgment while subtly weaving a hypnotic trance from where It becomes The Judge, through you… your eyes… your ears… your life. Cunning, isn't it?

So, step back from the quagmire of contemplation. Because there, lost in mental clutter and mesmerized by the concentrated focus of intellect, you lose sight of true awareness—you lose your true self to become an Itself.

You must watch every temptation to resent it. Simply step back from the stream of thinking and experience consciousness rising above the intellect. Then, you’ll find that you are observing the parade of words and ideas going by like watching a news-ticker Chyron running across your mind.

Focus and concentration serve well in the mundane. But conscious awareness checks and informs intellect.

Stand back from contemplation, where you become lost, blinded by clutter, and mesmerized by the concentrated focus of intellect. The ability to focus and fire serves well when properly harnessed for the mundane. But conscious awareness is far from mundane. It is Supernaturally of God.

Once you begin accessing it, you instantly experience a brand of objectivity that activates conscience and wordless intuition, placing you in contact with your Creator.

Instantly, life takes on a new direction and meaning you never could have predicted.