Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

by Daniel J Schwarzhoff

Artwork by Kristen Schwarzhoff / See

Everyone knows about morning meditation. But what about nighttime meditation? The secret weapon for regular, restorative sleep is waking up at bedtime and practicing God-consciousness right before sleep.

Bedtime meditation is much more than a time to let go of the day and relax. There is that. Sure. But when you meditate non-contemplatively, a spiritual activation changes what happens to you while you sleep. If you're not meditating at bedtime and regularly fall asleep without first becoming conscious, you're missing out—big time.

Sleep is not only about physical rejuvenation, but it is also a spiritual reset. When we sleep, our bodies and minds rest and undergo repairs. It is also the time we process any emotional baggage from the day. When we sleep consciously, our nights are recuperative and restful.

Precise Directions

I've been on this journey, practicing conscious awareness this way for over six decades. I've raised a family dedicated to it and have been sharing this non-contemplative approach to consciousness with others worldwide for over 25 years.

The testimonials and results have been nothing short of astonishing. I've seen firsthand the incredible benefits of this practice, and I'm honored to be able to share it.

The instructions given both in the online version as well as in the See App are pretty specific. But they ensure that your experience with this form of meditation is optimal.

Physical and Metaphysical Benefits

Should you deviate, likely, you will still experience some of the well-known benefits of meditation, like falling asleep sooner and feeling more rested, reduced stress and anxiety, and lowered blood pressure. Studies also show that meditation improves heart rate variability, reduces inflammation, and even helps develop increased tolerance for physical pain.

But there is much more. Non-Contemplative Meditation isn't like others. It goes beyond the physical to the metaphysical. It is a powerful practice where you wake up to God's reality. This alters your perception, restoring virtue and full connectivity to conscience. You stop doing what you don't want to do, and do what you do want to do, automatically wanting what's right in each moment.

To reap the spiritual benefit, you need to meditate twice daily, once in the morning and once before bed.

Morning meditation helps you start your day awakened and aware. Night meditation allows you to sleep in a conscious state. If you only practice once a day, you could even experience negative consequences, such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis.

If you are new to conscious sleeping, begin Non-Contemplative Meditation before closing your eyes each night, and you'll be sleeping better than you ever have in no time.

It is a potent metaphysical connector to our Creator, enabling you to discover where and how to find Him by prioritizing His Kingdom within. With that foundation, everything else falls into place. You transform, and then so does your life.

Not Self Help

So, Non-Contemplative Meditation is not some form of self-care entertainment or spiritual distraction. Please do not treat this advice lightly. If you skip nighttime meditation, you might as well abandon it altogether and pursue a different path.

Plenty of those are available, with bells and waterfalls, syrupy-sweet voices, and other hypnotic devices. Some of these can certainly help you inject artificial happiness into your mind. And if fleeting pleasure-center stimuli is what you prefer, you have a better chance of finding what you want with those instead of Non-Contemplative Meditation.

But, if living God-consciously, doing the will of your Creator is what you truly desire, and feeling well because you are well, then I urge you to review the short videos in the See App. Become acquainted with how and why these instructions should be followed precisely as given.

The See App's meditation sessions are short. They are at most fifteen minutes each. But when practiced as directed, they ensure you go on with your daily affairs awake and aware.

Many Techniques

Meditation is an ancient practice. Search YouTube and you'll find many different methods. Some involve closing your eyes to see the light within, clasping hands together, or extending hands upward. Others do not use the hands at all... or use only one hand!

Nearly all are bound by non-dualistic philosophies or a New Age perspective. Non-Contemplative Meditation is a simpler, effective way to experience conscious awareness free of these viewpoints. It is rooted in Judeo-Christian traditions without the use of language or philosophies inconsistent with those religious denominations.

No Hypno-Meditation

As important as what's included is what has been left out. Non-Contemplative Meditation excludes unnecessary baggage or hypnotism accompanying many other meditation practices. It is anti-hypnotic.

The See App is the greatest meditation app in the world because it presents the greatest gift to mankind. It is a unique blend of a spiritually guided, proprietary technique with exclusive technology, crafted into an unparalleled approach that amplifies the impact of the practice. It is simply the most effective and powerful consciousness-raising exercise ever created.

Not For Everybody

Non-Contemplative Meditation is not for everyone. It doesn't offer the instant gratification that some people are looking for. But I believe that it is the key to the future of humanity. I also believe there are enough people on Earth ready to embrace conscious awareness and change the course of human history for the better.

If you are serious about waking up and living consciously, commit to practicing Non-Contemplative Meditation immediately before bedtime and in the morning upon awakening. Both!

Because when practiced as directed, conscious awareness frees you of anger, conquers resentment and fear, as it opens a channel to your Creator.

Then, your life and existence will automatically help make the world a better place. You'll See.