The Hidden Enemy Within — Unmasking Ego to Reclaim Your True Self

by Daniel J Schwarzhoff

Artwork by Kristen Schwarzhoff / See

Overeating, drinking, smoking, even destructive relationships... have you ever wondered why you do things you don't want to do and why you repeatedly fall into self-defeating patterns of behavior?

The answer lies in the grip of Ego, a powerful force that subtly manipulates our thoughts, emotions, and actions. If you can get this, you can break any bad habit, lose any vice, and quickly give up any obsessive behavior or addiction with ease. It isn't psychology.

Contrary to popular belief, Ego isn't an inherent part of our being. It's a parasite, an external entity that infiltrates our psyche and feeds off resentment and the emotional energy generated.

It thrives on chaos and negativity, manipulating us to serve its own selfish agenda. This Egoic presence, masquerading as our true selves, whispers destructive thoughts into our minds, keeping us trapped in a cycle of self-sabotage.

Ego Exposed

It can seem astonishing if you've never been told this perspective. Especially when you consider that this Ego Presence exists within us all, impersonating us, feeding us thoughts, pretending those to be ours. Isn't that disgusting?

It wants to remain hidden, perpetuating Its influence over generations. It preys on those of us who are unaware of Its existence and who fall victim to Its selfish, destructive nature.

But we don't have to let it control us. Breaking free from the grip of Ego is simple.

All it requires is a shift in mindset—a conscious awakening to its gross nature. Once we snap out of the trance it has placed us in, we automatically reclaim our true selves.

And the key to achieving this is by cultivating a heightened sense of awareness.

By practicing Non-Contemplative Meditation, we experience a state of mindful presence devoid of reflection and, therefore, judgment. We become detached from the Ego's manipulative influence.

Instantly, we awaken to the realm of spirituality we were born with. This state of consciousness that I like to call God-consciousness, allows us to think clearly and objectively, free from Ego's biased judgments... and Its continuously playing God.

This Ego Entity will try every trick It can to dissuade us from practicing Non-Contemplative Meditation. It knows that this practice will expose its deception. But we must not succumb to its tactics.

We must cultivate discernment to distinguish between truth and falsehood, including its lies. Through conscious awareness, we gain a profound understanding of why we engage in the objectionable actions we despise.

It becomes clear why we neglect the wholesome things for which we yearn. This empowers us to follow our God-given intuition and maintain virtue.

The True You

Once awakened, you realize that the Ego identity is not our true essence, that there is a natural, authentic self yet within, waiting to be rediscovered. And when you grasp this fundamental truth, everything falls into place.

You understand that all of us have been mere pawns in the Ego's game for so long, and we can reclaim our legacy as the children of our Father, the Creator . . . God.

Over the past two decades, I've devoted my life to sharing the transformative power of Non-Contemplative Meditation with the world.

Together with my son, we've developed the See App—an innovative mobile application that introduces this practice to a broad audience.

Our aim is to merge technology with spirituality, offering individuals the most convenient way ever to strengthen their connection with God while remaining true to their faith.

By practicing Non-Contemplative Meditation and cultivating God-consciousness, we become liberated from the grip of Ego, and reclaim our authentic identity to begin contributing to this world with love and forgiveness, projecting the will of our Creator on earth as it is in heaven . . . now within.